For his underground humanitarian activities in the shattered world of the future, Zachary Walden is tortured and banished to plague-ridden fourteenth-century England. His fate is made more painful by the knowledge that his own father invented the time-travel device that America’s dictatorial leader uses to rid himself of his enemies. While dealing with the many terrors of the grim past, Zach falls in love with a beautiful but independent farm girl named Tess. After friends from the future finally manage to locate him in his distant exile, Zach must make the difficult choice between revenge and love. Should he return to his old life of struggle or remain in his haven in time with Tess? (Gemini Originals, 2018)

“This quick and enjoyable read should make a nice Prime video production!” —Sarapage McCorkle, Vice President, Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley, Inc.

“A thought-provoking novel. You will not be disappointed—the writer is a gifted wordsmith.” —Robert Sutton, M.D.

“In this very readable time-travel story, the author contrasts a dystopian future with a surprisingly believable depiction of English village life in the Middle Ages.” —Scott Stuckey, freelance editor