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Paul Martin is a former writer and editor with the National Geographic Society. His writing assignments have taken him to Cuba, Jamaica, England, India, Vietnam, and many other destinations. In the course of his travels, he has walked the Great Wall of China, explored the tombs and temples of ancient Egypt, researched volcanoes in Hawaii and glaciers in Alaska, and run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a wooden dory. His articles have appeared in a wide variety of National Geographic print and online publications, as well as on Salon, the Huffington Post,, and other popular websites.

Paul’s nonfiction includes a trio of biographical collections profiling more than a hundred fascinating but little-known men and women. Secret Heroes portrays some of the most inspiring unsung Americans. Meet the Heroes. Villains, Scoundrels, and Rogues depicts a startling roster of American ne’er-do-wells. Meet the Villains. American Trailblazers chronicles individuals who performed some unique original feat that has been overlooked. Meet the Trailblazers. The San Francisco Book Review says of Paul’s nonfiction writing, “Author Paul Martin doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring.”

Paul’s most recent novel is Killin’ Floor Blues, a murder mystery set in the depths of the Great Depression. Among the victims are country blues giants Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, along with leading female singers Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith. As father and son musicologists John and Alan Lomax investigate the killings, they become targets themselves. Paul’s other fiction includes the novels Lost in Saigon, a story that grew out of his Vietnam War service, and Far Haven, a historical time-travel thriller. Paul is also the author of a collection of poetry, Strange World. Contact: