Every conflict in Vietnam did not take place on the battlefield, and every casualty did not suffer physical wounds. For Navy journalist Wally Jeter, the scars he brought home from the war were those on his heart. Despite having fallen in love with a beautiful young woman during his year in Saigon, Jeter left her behind when his tour of duty was over. After two decades, he realizes that the only way he’ll ever be happy is to return and find his old love, although his journey back brings even greater revelations than his first trip to Southeast Asia—and a bigger shock. Lost in Saigon is set in the waning years of the long, bitter struggle that defined a generation. (Gemini Originals, 2018)

“One of the most authentic novels in the literature of the Vietnam War.” —Steven L. Raymer, Professor Emeritus, Indiana University

“A well-written book leaving the reader hanging for more at the end.” —Robert Sutton, M.D.

“Something I imagine thousands of Vietnam vets could relate to.” —Scott Stuckey, freelance editor