A huge explosion is taking place at this very moment. We can’t hear it. Still, it’s more powerful than any other explosion in history. It’s an explosion of knowledge. Scientists say that more knowledge has been gained in recent decades than in all the previous history of the Earth. What’s more, they say that our knowledge of the universe will likely double in the next few years, since some 90 percent of the scientists who ever existed are alive and at work today. One tool in particular, the computer, has contributed greatly to the knowledge explosion. Many scientists call the computer the most important development of the modern era. In text, photographs, and informative diagrams, young readers will learn how science offers the chance to glimpse things never seen before, unlocking the mysteries of the universe. (National Geographic, 1985)

“Contains an amazing and varied list of achievements in the fields of agriculture, energy, transportation, medicine, industry and space. The text is well written, carefully researched and lavishly illustrated.” —School Library Journal